Event – Project Results

The presentation of the actions carried out during 2023 and the solutions chosen for the challenges selected in 2022 will be held on 20 October at Tossal Lab, C/Escultor Banús s/n (roundabout) 03009, from 11:30 to 14:00. To facilitate attendance, a virtual space (streaming) will be enabled.

In this session, the projects that are providing solutions for both challenges, and the companies that are in charge of each of the challenges, will be presented. We would like to hear your opinion in order to introduce improvements. These solutions will be presented in open access mode, which means that the entities invited will be able to benefit from the solutions to the challenges posed, which means that they could use them in their organisations and/or companies.

We look forward to your participation because we believe that only together we can co-create solutions that improve our city by harnessing all the talents of our citizens.

We sincerely thank you for your valuable collaboration in this process; we look forward to your presence at the event. Please find attached a form to be filled in to confirm your attendance to the event and your participation:

Structure of the event:

  • What we have done with the 2022 challenge proposals.
  • Process for choosing solutions
  • Proposed solutions
  • Choice of Projects for solutions
  • Solutions in progress

1.- Environmental:

  • Company Presentation
  • Project/Testing
  • Current status of testing
  • Gathering of opinions and improvements.

2.- Social:

  • Company Presentation
  • Project
  • Test Test
  • Gathering feedback and improvements

We remain at your disposal for any queries you may have: Contact

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