CILAB Actions

>What have we done?

So far, at Cilab Alicante, we have established connections with citizen labs and related projects in and outside Alicante.

We have also carried out a social mapping identifying key actors in the innovation ecosystem of Alicante, prioritising their participation in the first phase of the project.

In addition, we have consulted experts, conducted an online questionnaire on the city’s challenges and conducted focus groups to co-create innovative solutions.

CILAB Actions

>How did we do it?

Find out how we are ensuring efficiency in the transformation of Alicante. Here we offer you detailed information about the process of operationalising citizens’ ideas.

In this process, the main ideas/challenges defined by the citizens for the year 2022 have been cross-referenced with the actions already being carried out by the Alicante municipal team in this area.

This strategic approach avoids overlaps, duplication and ensures that our initiatives are effective and accurate in improving our city.

CILAB Actions

>How have the challenges been selected?

Find out how we selected the most decisive actions to address the challenges defined by citizens. We convened a focus group of experts who identified concrete actions in each area selected by citizens.

These ideas were collected, classified and evaluated by a committee of experts from the public, private, third sector and civil associations. This rigorous process ensures that our actions are backed by extensive experience and knowledge, ensuring effective results for Alicante’s transformation.

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CILAB Actions

>How can you participate in solving challenges?

Discover the call for proposals to solve challenges in the city of Alicante. Here, you will find detailed information on how to participate in this opportunity for change for our city.

In addition, download the model form, a fillable document that will help you structure your proposal and actively collaborate with CI.LAB in building a better future for Alicante. Join the innovation and be part of the change!

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